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Why I'm Running

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Candidate for Rutherford 
County Commission District 17


I’m an educator, businesswoman, and mom. For most of my life, I've worked two jobs to make ends meet, so I understand the challenges facing working families—healthcare, childcare, long commutes, and tight budgets.

As I travel around Rutherford County, I see people like me. People who work hard to put food on the table, who want to take care of their families when they are sick, and who want to raise their children to have a better life than their own.

I come from a long line of strong women, who work hard every day to take care of their families and impact their communities. They taught me to put family first, live a life of integrity, and never let anyone else dictate your potential.

As a mom, I encourage those same values in my own five children. As a teacher, I instill those values into my students, encouraging them to understand who they are, to set goals, and to strive for the future. As a business leader, I look toward the future of this county with confidence.

Finally, as an active community member, if I see a need that needs to be filled, I take that as a call to action to help other people see their dreams become reality.

Year after year, we watch politicians campaign on promises to make life better. But they continue to work for special interests. They forget about what makes our communities strong – the employees working long hours, the consumers who have to choose between eating healthy or eating cheaply, the families struggling to get home and get dinner on the table before football practice.

In order to change the way Government works, we need to change the type of people we are electing.

I need your support to represent Rutherford County, to ensure our government is once again For the People, Of the People, and By the People.

Mariah Phillips

Candidate for County Commission, District 17

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