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Mariah on the Issues


Mariah on Education

As a former teacher, I know Rutherford County Schools are some of the best in the state. Let's keep them that way by:

  • raising salaries so we can retain our biggest asset - our teachers.

  • investing in our technical education programs.

  • providing equitable access to resources, opportunity, and safety for all.

Mariah on the Economy

The economy thrives when the money that is made here stays here. The best ways to ensure that happens is by:

  • strengthening small businesses over tax breaks for major corporations.

  • increasing wages for county employees so they can afford to live here.

  • expand broadband access throughout the county so employment options are available to everyone, no matter where you live.

Mariah on Infrastructure

I believe that we can remain the fastest growing community in the country while still maintaining our community feel. We can only do that if we apply principles of SMART growth, instead of growth at any cost, such as:

  • Updating and maintaining our already over-crowded roads and schools. 

  • Considering the long-term impact of new development with every approved building project. Make the builder responsible for the cost of the plan. 

  • Creating a more walkable community by maintaining our green spaces and adding crosswalks and sidewalks on our most dangerous roads.

  • Finally, solving the landfill crisis with sustainable solutions that are good for Rutherford County and good for the earth.

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