Mariah Phillips on the Issues

Empowering Educators

I will empower educators by ensuring students and teachers can safely return to the classroom, so our kids get the world-class education they deserve. As an educator, I believe teachers need a voice in the legislature and I'm ready to be that voice. Our schools are some of the best in Tennessee, and we must continue to support and improve them. I’ll protect funding for public schools and make college more affordable. I will work to improve career and technical education so students can leave high school ready to start a good-paying career or pursue an advanced degree.

Rebuilding Our Economy

I plan to rebuild our economy by bringing good-paying jobs to the district, making sure the unemployment insurance we all pay into work, and ensuring safe working conditions so we can continue to provide for our families during this crisis.


We need more high-paying jobs HERE so working families don‘t spend hours commuting each day. Rutherford County boasts an educated workforce and excellent public schools that attract new business. I’ll stay focused on recruiting quality employers and jobs to our community.

Putting People First

I will put people first by focusing on real issues instead of partisan crusades. For too long our State Legislature has pursued a divisive agenda that leaves behind working families and harms our most vulnerable neighbors. The COVID-19 crisis has made this even clearer as families are struggling to make ends meet, navigating high unemployment, and facing economic uncertainty.

As your representative for District 37, I will focus on the people's priorities: good-paying jobs, quality healthcare, and the best possible education for our children and workforce. I will reject hateful legislation that divides us at the expense of our neighbors.



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