Mariah on the Issues


Mariah on the Economy

Mariah supports strengthening small businesses over tax breaks for major corporations

Mariah supports a gradual increase in the state minimum wage

Mariah supports labor unions and worker safety

Mariah supports expanding broadband access to rural communities

Mariah on Justice

Mariah supports equal access and opportunity for Tennesseeans of all backgrounds

Mariah supports common sense gun legislation

Mariah supports holding big businesses accountable for their environmental impact

Mariah supports enfranchising previously incarcerated people with nonviolent offenses 

Mariah on Education

Mariah supports keeping public dollars in fully-funded public education

Mariah supports raising teacher salaries and investing in technical education

Mariah supports equal access to resources, opportunity, and safety for all students

Mariah on Healthcare

Mariah supports Medicaid expansion for all Tennesseans

Mariah supports medicinal use and decriminalization of marijuana 

Mariah supports checks and balances on the prescription drug industry to fight the Opioid Epidemic